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Broadband Tests and Tools - the dslreports.com/tools page
get performance, security and utility from your connection
Your test history
See the summary of tests and tools you have done on DSLreports
(regular HTML tools and facilities)
Keep a connection diary
Store service notes online, keep track of line outages, publish parts of the log, or use the timestamped entries when negotiating with your ISP
24x7 Line Monitoring
Does your ISP promise always-on? are you getting it? keep track of many aspects of your connectivity, and weekly reports as well
Wake your PC remotely
Wake your computer up from a remote location (for those that support this feature)
Your IP address, IP whois
Get your current IP, track down owners of domains or IP addresses
Line Packet Loss Testing
Packet loss tests on your line, including identification of any problem routers en-route to you..
Full Security Scans
Do more extensive security tests, and get recommendations on measures to correct the problem
(JAVA based tools)
Speed Tests
Test your line performance both upload speed and download speed, from several locations
Tweak Test
Test if your computer is setup correctly for broadband TCP connectivity
Get a quick easy no-wait scan for open ports and possibly Windows service exploits
DoctorPing (windows executable)
Compare your latency to others on your ISP or in your area with our downloadable windows program
Become a subscriber - buy TOOL POINTS
A tool point is about $1 - click here to find out about tool points

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