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This is the OPEN PUBLIC speed test page.
Priority access for US 5c a test is available with DSLR tool points - if you haved tried the public speed test but are frustrated with the limits on usage, please consider this option.
Step 1Decide which server to use, click that link. The new page should show a JAVA APPLET. Warning: the test servers are all extremely busy. You may get a server busy message during popular test times.

Step 2After the test is complete, press the GRAPH button to see conversion of the results, comparisons, and more.

Step 3Please be sure to read further information below.

Test speed using our server at Megapath, CA
Bandwidth by megapath.net - visit them here

Test speed using our server at LinkLine, LA
Bandwidth by linkline.com - visit them here

East coast test server only available at off-peak times or with tool points

All site tools are available to ISPs for licensed use:
click here for more information.

useless statistic: in todays sample of 414 IPs who tried both tests. 104 got much higher results from the EAST COAST test, and 42 got much higher results from the WEST COAST test. The rest got roughly the same result on both.
What does this do? it benchmarks your line speed, both up and down. The test servers are located where they can reach major backbones via DS3s (45mbps). These tests work reliably up to about 5mbit or so.
Why do I get very different results from different test servers? Extremely poor performance on a supposedly nearer test server, indicates the path from your ISP to that test server is congested. For benchmarking your actual line speed, and not the internet, or your ISP, take the higher test number!
Is this test accurate? Visit the Speed test result archive, to compare the results others are getting, in your area, or in your DNS domain (ISP). Results from faster providers prove that these test stations work reliably up to 3-5mbit.

Further information
This test is a transfer of nearly uncompressable data (actually, mp3 files). The result shown is your data transfer speed. This should be close, but less, than your rated (purchased) line speed. If you can get close to 90% of your rated line speed, everything is perfect!
Read more about Speed, Latency and the Internet.
Further reading : FAQ question: I think my DSL line is too slow!
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