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(24) Verizon to pay $1.5 million fine

(44) Code Red collateral damage

(18) 33% of 'core gamers' have tattoos/piercings/colored hair

(20) Bankrupt Rhythms NetConnections to Pay Execs Handsomely

(6) Metricom's Ricochet Shut Down Date

(17) Beyond DSL and Cable

(0) Flag Telecom Exits Trans-Pacific Cable Project

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Verizon to pay $1.5 million fine
"Verizon Communications will pay about $1.5 million to the U.S. government for failing to meet performance targets related to providing rivals access to its network, and will likely make payments for months to come, a company representative said Wednesday".
One wonders what rivals are still left to ask for access and/or penalties when they can't get it .. reuters

spotted by fuzzster See Profile 08-08 14:06 See: [legal] [competition] [fcc]
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Code Red collateral damage
Due to the Code Red virus, AT&T Broadband Services (MediaOne included) (update: and verizon) are now filtering port 80 requests on their network. This does not affect your personal webspace or any business accounts through AT&T Broadband Services, but it would block any type of home web server. They have not promised removal of this filter anytime in the near future. annoucement.
Microsoft has opened a page where people can claim compensation for lost time and business (ok that last part is a joke).

spotted by MxxCon See Profile 08-08 12:15 See: [security]
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33% of 'core gamers' have tattoos/piercings/colored hair
This interesting bit of trivia was included in a survey just done by Ziff-Davis on the American "core gamer" - their purchase plans this year, and lifestyle.
(A "core gamer" is defined by the survey as one who buys at least three titles a month). continues survey says....

08-08 12:00
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Bankrupt Rhythms NetConnections to Pay Execs Handsomely
Rhythms shareholders who lost their investment, and bondholders who will be unlikely to see more than a few cents on the dollar returned, will be pleased to know the management team of Steve Springer and CFO JW Braukman III has looked after themselves .. in the bankruptcy filings of Rhythms is the news that the two top execs will receive a combined $4 million in retention bonuses to stick around and remember the root password in case any liquidators need it. This vital deal was hammered out three days before the company filed Chapter 11. More Here
spotted by Lone Gunman DSLR See Profile 08-08 10:24
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Metricom's Ricochet Shut Down Date
Metricom is expected to shut down its Ricochet high-speed wireless Internet service Wednesday, leaving behind a 17-city network that will likely be auctioned off for just a fraction of its $1 billion price tag. A skeletal crew of Metricom executives, what remains of a staff that once topped 300, will spend the next six to eight weeks closing a wireless service with 51,000 subscribers. Although it garnered devoted customers, subscriber numbers were too small to keep the company going, analysts believe. Yahoo has the gory details.
spotted by DeiselCat See Profile 08-08 10:00 See: [business] [trouble]
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Beyond DSL and Cable
'DSL and cable modems still too slow for you? Fiber-optic technology could be the answer, offering super-high-speed Internet access and easily variable bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of service on traditional copper lines. Once affordable and attainable only by large enterprises, fiber-optic technology is beginning to attract small businesses and even a handful of consumers. But some major financial and technical roadblocks remain.'
CNN has this tidbit.

spotted by mr sean See Profile 08-08 09:42 See: [alternatives]
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Flag Telecom Exits Trans-Pacific Cable Project
Flag Telecom has pulled out of a project to build a trans-Pacific undersea cable linking Japan to the west coast of the U.S. Flag Telecom and TyCom Ltd were to jointly develop the TyCom Transpacific/FLAG Pacific-1 cable network, but Flag Telecom did not "obtain financing on satisfactory terms," the companies announced late Tuesday. Newsbytes has the story.
spotted by Zhen-Xjell See Profile 08-08 09:07 See: [business] [bandwidth]

Speakeasy.net Expands Footprint with New Edge
Speakeasy.net will resell Digital Subscriber Line service powered by New Edge Networks, the largest broadband and enhanced data communications services provider for small and midsize cities. New Edge Networks will install, test and maintain the DSL lines on behalf of Speakeasy.net throughout its network that spans more than 360 cities in 29 states. Yahoo has the story.
spotted by BCali See Profile 08-07 15:43 See: [business]
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Covad Expects To File For 'Bankruptcy'
Even as ISP's such as Megapath (transition letter Here) are moving their Rhythms customers (DSLR story Here) to Covad service, Covad itself announced that it will seek bankruptcy protection by mid-August as a way to restructure to eliminate its $1.4 billion bond debt.
Covad says this trick will not effect its continued operation or over 300 thousand customers.
Holders of a majority of the debt have apparently agreed to the plan. After restructuring, Covad will be effectively debt free, and may regain NASDAQ listing, but they are not forecasting profitability until 2003 - The financial move may perhaps make them an attractive take-over target. Covad stock has moved up on the news. Reuters has The announcement.

spotted by fatness See Profile 08-07 12:53 See: [trouble] [business]
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Code Red Cuts Off Qwest DSL Service
Telecommunications giant Qwest, calling the Code Red Worm the "Red Code Virus" - says the latest Net nuisance has stalled service to some DSL customers for several days. Newsbytes has the story.
spotted by graffixx See Profile 08-07 12:14 See: [security]
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What's The Future For Wireless Broadband?
"Now that Metricom and high-speed wireless service, Ricochet, are non-entities, what does the future hold for wireless broadband? Is there a future? My co-host Richard Hart and I delved into this topic during our R&D Hour radio show on CNET Radio this past Friday, August 3." The story is available over at ZDNet.
spotted by Snapcase See Profile 08-07 10:19 See: [wireless]
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