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August 08, 2002
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Back to school desktops

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With Fall just around the corner, it's time to get students geared up for the school year. PCs get speedier and speedier by the minute, so perhaps now is a good time for an update. Here are a few of our editors' picks ranging in size, speed, price, and performance.

 Apple iMac 800MHz PowerPC G4 
The iMac's attention-grabbing looks, simple setup, and good performance add up to a great consumer PC. 
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Dell Dimension 4000 series 
Perfect for student budgets, Dell's midrange PC strikes a good balance between performance and price. 
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 Alienware Aurora DDR 
This snazzy PC is perfect for watching DVDs and gaming on a budget. It will handle any and all schoolwork. 
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 Falcon Northwest Mach V 
A gamer's dream: if you're going to throw your budget out the window, we say throw it at this machine. 
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Wave-Point LP300C 
The LP300C is a chic, LCD-based PC/notebook hybrid made for IT departments seeking a compact design that's easy to maintain and for power users who appreciate a convenient package. 
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