The images below are of my old radios.

Note: this is a bit outdated.

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Left top: Zenith Circle of Sound. Left Bottom: 1976 Regency Scanner. Center Bottom: Realistic DX-160 Communications receiver. Center top: 1957 Korting 1007W. Right: 1931 DeWald Little Giant

A 1961 AMC clock radio. Standard AA5 tube lineup

Top Left: Montgomery Ward GEN-1475A Multiband Receiver, mid 70s. Left Center: Unknown RCA transistor set, late 60s? Left Bottom: Kenwood KR-2600 receiver. Right upper left: 1953 RCA 3-X-532 AA5 style radio. Next to it, a 1950 Firestone 4-A-70 4 tube midget. Below: 1955 Panasonic 730.

Various transistor radios, clock radios and CB HTs

Left: 80s Radioshack "Jet Stream". Rear Center:70s RCA RZG 101J. Center Front: 1985 GE 7-1627A. Right: 1991 Selena RP-306 (Made in former Soviet Union)